Bill Patterson ‘A Tribute’

Bill Patterson (3)

December 9th would have been Bill’s 62nd birthday, so he had been on my mind, then last night (12-16-15) at my wife’s book club Christmas party I found myself bragging about my brother in-law, or commonly known to me as brother Bill Patterson. When Kelly Yore found out that Bill was Sally’s brother, I was reminded that I had done the following tribute for Bill’s memorial service and was convicted that it should be shared on my web-site.

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Looking Back At 2014

Looking Back At 2014

My first recollection of the last day of 2014 began at 4:30 AM on December 31st. As I lay there in my stupor looking back at 2014, I remember thinking, “it is gone and nothing has happened.” Gradually as the fog lifted and my head cleared, the realization came to me that actually there had been several landmark events that happened in our lives this past year. Continue reading